Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB)

Learning more about how the mind-body-brain works has helped me in my own life and my understanding now informs my work as well.  No matter which topic or theme we’re working with, you’ll hear me bring in some information about “being human”.   Much of that comes from my exploration of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB).

If you are curious about the mind-body-brain connection, here are some of my favorite resources in that regard.

  • Dr. Dan Siegel  This link takes you to his webpage.  He is known primarily for “Mindsight” and has a book with the same title.  Explore any or all of his others books as well.   He has many talks online.  This one was given at the Garrison Institute’s 2011 Climate, Mind, and Behavior Symposium.

  • Another one from Dr. Dan Siegel: Kindness & Compassion: Integration Made Visible @ the Garrison Institute.
  • Dr. David Rock.  This link takes you to his website.  Here’s one of his talks “Your Brain At Work” that he presented at Google.

  • Sarah Peyton.  This link takes you to her webpage.  I’ve had the distinct pleasure of participating several weekend workshops given by Sarah.  She brings together the worlds of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) + Non-Violent Cormmunication (NVC) + Empathy.
  • Rick Hanson is the author of Buddha’s Brain.  He has great resources on his website – sets of slides of his many talks, videos, talks, etc.  See the Media section. Love his simplistic yet richly helpful representation of the three main regions of our brain:
        • the lizard or reptilian brain – Brainstem, focused on avoiding harm – pet the lizard.
        • the mouse or mammalian brain – Limbic system, focused on approaching rewards  – feel the mouse.
      • the monkey or primate brain – Cortex, focused on attaching to “us” – hug the monkey.


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