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What are the touch points for loss and grief in the workplace?


  • An employee has been given a terminal illness diagnosis.
  • A colleague has died, potentially on the job.
  • A project has come to end.
  • Several changes have been put in place such as a new organizational structure.
  • Employees have been laid off.

Underlying all of the above scenarios is loss.  With loss comes grief.  We grieve because something or someone mattered to us.

Consider also…

  • You may offer products and services for which you are likely to have grieving clients coming to you.
  • Perhaps a customer experiences a significant loss in the context of using your products or services.
  • Perhaps one of your clients has died.

What do we, as an organization do or say to acknowledge and support a grieving employee?

What do we, as an organization, do or say to acknowledge and support a grieving client? And how do we support our employees who are working with bereaved clients?

How do we, as an organization, acknowledge the touch points of grief?  How can we take a strategic perspective, considering organizational development, quality, healthy and safety, customer service, and product or service development in the mix?

I can help you answer those questions for your organization.  You are invited to contact me to explore options.

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