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Looking for the Hurts and Hopes Grief Process Image for Colouring?

Hurts and Hopes Grief Colouring Page




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Imagine the following…

A small group of people sitting around a table colouring.  What brought them together is that each has experienced significant loss.  There is laughter.  There are tears.  There is quiet.  There is remembering.  There is sharing about what has worked and not worked in their individual processes of grief.  It is not about doing it right.  It is not about comparing one’s grief or how one chooses to colour the image.  Rather it is about taking time to support and companion each other in a soft, uncomplicated, easy way through a little bit of colour, and lines you can stay within, outline, or go outside of.

By the way this is but one entry in a book I’m working on.  There will be more images for colouring and other activities to help you process your grief.  Stay tuned!  And if you like the image and this activity, please let me know.  It helps to hear I’m offering things of value.

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