Kind words from those who have experienced me and my work.  Gratitude for the sense of contribution and ongoing inspiration I receive when working with others.

Safe learning environment fostering engagement, exploration, and creative energy…

I am writing on behalf of Dr. Catherine Hajnal, who so graciously accepted my invitation to teach four consecutive classes in our life skills program in October and November, 2014. Dr. Catherine’s approach fostered safety, confidentiality, respect, honor, and dignity for all participants. She skillfully created a safe learning environment where the women were able to engage their hearts, in reaching out and receiving from others; their minds, to explore new techniques and develop their own creative energies, and to engage with courage; to risk trying and learning something new.

I could continue with descriptions of Dr. Catherine’s many other good qualities- her work ethic, her passion, and her innovativeness to name three. Instead, I would simply like to say that I strongly recommend her for any opportunity she pursues, and am confident she will leave a beautiful legacy in whatever classroom she visits.

With Warm Regard,

Coordinator, Women’s Shelter Programming. Vancouver, BC.

Speaking to their hearts…


…Simply wanted to say what a superb job you did on Sunday.  Absolutely excellent talk!  You looked very much at home up there and if there were nerves, you rose above them.  It was a pleasure to support you with the music.

Those who came up to the piano afterwards all said what a great job you did.

Not sure if you sensed this up on the platform, but there were a number of times during your talk when the group became especially still…..they sensed you were about to say something significant.  That is so great when that happens, and perhaps you may not “hear” that, when your mind is on what you are talking about.  I think that hush that comes over the audience is such a great indicator that you are getting to them….speaking to their hearts.  One of your gifts.

I applaud your willingness to be open to showing your feelings, as when you spoke of being with your grandmother as she was nearing the end of her life.

From watching you on Sunday, I suspect the students you taught in your classes when you were at University count themselves as very lucky to have had such a teacher.

Best wishes.  P.D.

Insight, empathy, and wealth of knowledge…

…As I had been impressed with Catherine’s insight, empathy and wealth of knowledge in our interactions in the course of her work as a Volunteer in the Society I asked her if she would present two workshops on listening and communication for the Hospice Volunteers. She agreed.

The feedback from the 36 Volunteers who attended the workshops, and my own observations were similar.  Catherine’s ability to lead a group through the exercises she constructed, her ability to listen closely to the questions and respond in a respectful and appropriate manner and the depth of learning we all walked away with was phenomenal.

W.T.  (at the time Coordinator of Volunteers for the Vancouver Hospice Society)

Inviting, inspiring, practical…
Here are some comments from a March 2015 conference presentation I gave to a group of career development professionals.  I was speaking on Creative Hurts:  Transforming Pain into Possibilities.

  • This topic would definitely be suitable for an in person training day. …Catherine was just great! Wonderful exercise would have loved a longer session, so we could get to the next/last step.
  • Catherine is very good at inspiring and inviting our participation. Thank you.
  • Great workshop, very well done and very informative.
  • Excellent facilitator and presentation material.
  • Very interesting and engaging.
  • Great experience to share with other participants. Thank you.
  • Great speaker, enjoyed her style.
  • Wonderful and inspiring about what could be a depressing, sad topic. Thank you so much! :)
  • Thank you. Very relevant, practical and helpful.

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