Why loss and grief?

Being human means we will experience a variety of losses throughout a life time and we will grieve those losses.  Grief is not optional, but many of us sure try and usurp the process!

  • A dream or a vision of your life that hasn’t worked out as planned.
  • The death of a dear one – a spouse, a family member, a friend, a pet.
  • A relationship has ended.
  • A business has been closed down or project has come to an end.
  • Illness and/or injury have affected your body.
  • A change in work, perhaps accompanied by a move.

Not only might we experience a primary loss in these scenarios, but other losses will likely accompany them.  Questions about the loss of “normal”.  Questions about a loss of role or identity.  A sense of loss around security, stability, or support.

What if we grieve because we’ve lost something or someone that mattered to us?  What if grieving is healthy?  What if we could process losses so that they inspire rather than deflate us?

If you yourself are experiencing loss in this moment or if you are wanting to support someone experiencing loss, I invite you to look around this website, explore the resources, and/or contact me.   My hope is to bring a little ease and a sense of hope and possibility to your or anyone’s grief process.

Many people are a bit surprised when they find out I work with loss and grief.  “Wouldn’t you rather be a happiness expert?” they ask.  I quickly reply that through my own lived experience I’ve come to appreciate the grief process and the value of mourning.  I’ve seen how we can say both helpful and unhelpful things to a grieving person.  And I’ve seen the transformative potential of grief. It is my honor to support experiences with loss, with grief, with the tough stuff, with the challenges of life.

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